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Free Webinar on the 3 Myths that Hamper Crowdfunding & 2 Keys to Success

Devin Thorpe - Bestselling Author

Too many nonprofits try online fundraising and fail… for 1 simple reason  

As a bestselling author and regular Forbes contributor, I come across many nonprofits that struggle to get the funding their cause needs. I also come across many that blow way past their original target. The difference? The successes know what they’re doing. The failures are winging it. Over the years of delivering crowdfunding training across the globe, I’ve helped many nonprofits go from hopeless and frustrated to being able to raise the funds they needed to advance their cause. In that process, I noticed the same crowdfunding myths holding organizations back and the same key tactics missing from their strategy. In this free webinar, I’ll cover both the myths and the keys to jumpstarting your crowdfunding. Ready to get started?

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